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Kitáb-i-Aqdas Project
The Kitáb-i-Aqdas Project is a slowly developing presentation of the Most Holy Book of the Bahá’í Revelation. It includes audio files, a Study Guide, as well as various newly created indices. The full text of “Lights of Guidance” has been added, and additional reference texts are slowly being included.
Still a work in progress. The Works of the Báb, Bahá’u’lláh and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá are accessible here in multiple formats, now with HTML, ePub and pdf, others to be later included. Initial source documents are those available from the Bahá’í Reference Library (http://www.bahai.org/library/). Includes The Amalgamated A-Z, being a combined A-Z for all of the included Texts.
A word of deep gratitude must be given for the effort and time that has been put into the production of the source soft-copy documents held at the Bahá’í World Centre.
Reality, Soul and the Worlds of God
With the very kind permission of the copyright holders, the compilation Reality, Soul and the Worlds of God is reproduced here. Links to the web page of the copyright holders will be found on the entry page, and at the end of the “Foreword”.
A Brief Selection
Pamphlets in .pdf format on various Bahá’í subjects, each with a few short quotes. Print double-sided and fold. Suitable for a variety of purposes.
Bahá’í Documents in .pdf
A collection of Bahá’í documents in .pdf format. Both official, as well as private compliations are presented. To date, a total of 168 compilations.
Extended Bahá’í Glossary
Initial inspiration and data for this site is the Glossary found in the volume Messages from the Universal House of Justice 1963-1986, beginning on page 729. Where relevant, entries have been brought up to date, while a few others others have been reworded. All entries have been re-formatted.
New entries have also been added, expanding the information available. In some cases, links have been included to more complete information, whether on other sites, or carried internally.
A work in progress, it is intended that this site will, with time, carry summary information on all aspects of the Bahá’í Faith.
Hall of Memory
The blood of many thousands has been sacrificed for the Cause of God in this age, right up to the present day. Listed here are just the few that have been able to glean from the documents and Texts avalable to this self. In memory of all those whose names we have no record of, there is a symbolic list following the list of known names. Names will continue to be added slowly over time as further resources are explored. Sources are listed at the bottom of the page.
A brief selection of images from my Pilgrimage in 2009, with quotes from the Baha'i Sacred Texts. This is not a travelogue, as will be seen by even a quick perusal of the content.
Over time it is hoped that a collection of useful tools will be collected/developed and be accessible from here. At this time, only one tool is available - printable invitation cards for Devotional Meetings, and a generic card to invite to any other activity.
Audio files
Free to download, mp3 format audio files. Two albums are available.
A Chronological History of the Bahá’í Faith
Dates by Month (pdf)
Dates by Year (pdf)
Very much a work in progress. This information has been compiled from a variety of sources. Please bear in mind that am no historian; this compilation is simply the outcome of my own curiosity. Depending on sources, there may be some inaccuracies. converted to HTML, they will remain available in .pdf format. Formatting in these versions is quite basic, but functional. As the files are updated with more dates and any corrections they will be uploaded for free access. The first online version was uploaded on 5 November 2008.
   This version: 3 January 2009.
Meditations, thoughts, concepts, ideas
An index to a selection of personal meditations, thoughts, concepts and ideas on subjects mostly (but not always) related to the Bahá’í Faith. As I only sometimes take the time to actually put these in writing, the collection is small (at this time, very very small). No claim is made, nor can it ever be made, that these are authoritive; in fact, being of human source, there is a strong likelihood that they are erroneous. They are offered in the hope that better minds, in their study of the Sacred Texts, may find in these something that will trigger a line of beneficial thought.
Names of God
Compiled to date - 330 names
Last upload 18 ‘Izzat 162 BE (25 September 2005)
It could justifiably be said that this effort is a futile, even a wasted exercise, for it is stated in the Holy Texts that God is the Possessor of infinite names. It is thus that this is an exercise that can never be completed. No matter; as more names are found they will be added.
The source for each of these names is solely those found within the Texts of the Bahá’í Faith; i.e. in the Works of the Báb, Bahá’u’lláh and of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. Names that, in my subjective (and most possibly erroneous) judgement, are references solely to the Manifestations Themselves, have not been added — this despite that the Holy Texts say that They and God are, in specified ways, identical - read the Kitáb-i-Íqan to ascertain these specified ways.
The exercise has been undertaken to satisfy my own curiosity. This curiosity was enkindled some years ago when, in a study of one of the books of the Ruhi series, four, each with an identical list of the names of God, were assigned each to a corner of the room, while the remainder sat with eyes closed and in a meditative frame of mind in the centre of these four, facing the designated “front” of the room. Each of the four then, in turn (clockwise or anticlockwise does not matter), read aloud a name of God from the list in their possession. This list was short enough that the participants were not wearied by the recital, that at the end of the recital we felt that its length had been perfectly sufficient.
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Interesting tidbits
Some interesting things that have been spotted while perusing the Internet
The original of this document (to which this item previously linked) appears to have vanished off the face of the Internet. Until such a time as it can be re-located and a new link to it placed here, I will present my local copy of it.
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