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53: The Relation between God and the Creature

53: The Relation Between God And The Creature

The Relation Between God
And The Creature
Question.—What is the nature of the connection between God and the creature—that is to say, between the Independent, the Most High, and the other beings?
Answer.—The connection between God and the creatures is that of the creator to the creation; it is like the connection between the sun and the dark bodies of contingent beings, and is the connection between the maker and the things that he has made. The sun in its own essence is independent of the bodies which it lights, for its light is in itself and is free and independent of the terrestrial globe; so the earth is under the influence of the sun and receives its light, whereas the sun and its rays are entirely independent of the earth. But if there were no sun, the earth and all earthly beings could not exist.
The dependence of the creatures upon God is a dependence of emanation—that is to say, creatures emanate from God; they do not manifest Him.1 The relation is that of emanation and not that of manifestation. The light of the sun emanates from the sun; it does not manifest it. The appearance through emanation is like the appearance of the rays from the luminary of the horizons of the world—that is to say, the holy essence of the Sun of Truth is not divided and does not descend to the condition of the creatures. In the same way, the globe of the sun does not become divided and does not descend to the earth. No, the
1 This subject, of emanation and manifestation, is more fully explained in the following chapter.
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