The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
References to the Text of the Kitáb-i-Aqdas are by paragraph numbers; to the Questions and Answers by question number; and to the Notes by note number. Other references are to page numbers in the usual way. Thus:
K14 indicates paragraph 14 of the Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Q10 indicates Question (or Answer) no. 10
n14 indicates Note no. 14
102 indicates page 102
B and E (the letters),   K177, 96-97, n188
Báb, the
Bahá’u’lláh refers to,   K135, K136, K140, K141, K142, K143
Birth of (one of Twin Birthdays),   Q2,   See also Holy Days
Declaration of,   See Holy Days
Dispensation of,   8-9, n109, n172
followers of (Bábí’s),   K137, K140, K176, n178, n179, n185, n187
He Whom God will make manifest, references to   163, n189
commands to offer priceless gifts to,   K114, n141
forbids followers to ask Him questions,   K126, 158, n146
identifies Qiblih with,   K137, 144
laws of Bayán subject to His sanction,   8, n109
refers to as “Living Book,”   n155
Tablet to Him,   K175, K176, n185, n186
tribute to Him,   K135, K136, n156
House in Shíráz.   See Holy Places and Historical Sites, Pilgrimage
laws.   See Bayán, laws of
Martyrdom.   See Holy Days
nominated Mírzá Yaḥyá,   n190
opponents,   K166, K170, n178, n182
Order of Bahá’u’lláh anticipated,   n189
Shrine of,   n114
sufferings of Bahá’u’lláh foreshadowed,   n1
Point of the Bayán,   K129, K140, n150, n159
Primal Point,   Q8, Q29, Q32, Q100
“Upright Alif,” as symbol of advent,   K157, n172
warnings of,   n180
Writings.     See also Bayán
Qayyúmu’l-Asmá’,   n1, n115, 253-254
Selections from the Writings of the Bab,   n185, n186
Tablet addressed to Bahá’u’lláh,   K175, K176, n185, n186
Backbiting,   15, K19, 157, n37
Badí‘ calendar,   n26, n27, n147, n148   See also Calendar, Bahá’í
Baghdád,   Q29, n54, n107, n138, n154
Bahá,   See Bahá’u’lláh; Greatest Name
Bahá’í Faith (Cause of God)
acceptance,   K1, K132, K166, K182, n179
“Crimson Ark” refers to,   n115
denial,   K140, K169, K170, K179, n171, n180
direction of affairs of,   n67, n183   See also   ‘Abd’ul-Bahá; House(s) of Justice; Shoghi Effendi
financial support,   See Fund, Bahá’í; Ḥuqúqu’lláh; Zakát
Head of.   See ‘Abdu’l-Bahá; House(s) of Justice; Shoghi Effendi
Holy Places.   See Holy Places and Historical Sites
opposition to,   K73, K135, K164, Q57, n109, n177, n182, n190, n192
predicted,   K37, 163
primacy of,   K167
proclamation,   K75, K80, K103, K118, K132, K134, K143, K163, K168, n158
propagation,   see Teaching the Cause
protection,   n183
recognition as state religion,   n49
relationship to Faith of the Báb,   8-9, K129, K136, K139, K140, K179-K180
service to,   16, K35, K74, K184, 91, n2.   See also Service
attracts divine assistance,   K38, K53, K74. See also Assistance
unity of.   See Unity
through aid of believers,   K42, K94, K164, K178
through aid of Laws,   K4
world administrative center,   n114
Writings.   See headings under Writings, Bahá’í
Bahá’ís (believers, followers of Bahá’u’lláh, loved ones, people of Bahá)
conduct and character enjoined on,   15-16, 159-161.   See also Conduct; Deeds   see additional headings under Qualities
duties,   143-161
observance of laws   16, K1
recognition of Manifestation of God   16, K1
enjoined, exhorted,   15-16, 158-161
forbidden various acts,   156-158
and non-Bahá’ís,   K29, K75, K144, Q33-Q34, Q84, n38
to turn to ‘Abdu’l-Bahá,   K121, n145
Bahá’í World, The,   n27, n139, n143, n147
advent,   K82, K85, K88, K165, K177, n33, n108, n153, n158, n160, n172
Ascension,   1, K38, K53, K121, n9, n54, n125, n139
birth,   K92, K110, Q2, n123, n138
captivity,   n192
commandments.   See Law(s) of Bahá’u’lláh
Covenant of,   3-4, K37, K121, K174.   See also ‘Abdu’l-Bahá
Arch-breaker of,   n9
Declaration of mission,   K75, n107, n138.   See also Holy Days
describes Himself,   n1, n160
exile,   n33
House in Baghdád,   K32, K133, Q25, Q29, Q32, n54, n154
infallibility of,   See Infallibility
institutions ordained by,   3-4, 14-15, K30, K42, n49, n66-n67   See also Guardianship; House(s) of Justice; Interpretation of Sacred Text
Joseph, true,   n1
knowledge of, beyond human knowledge,   K39, K97, K175-K176-K177
Law(s) of.   See Law(s) of Bahá’u’lláh
mastery of Arabic,   10
mission communicated to Mírzá Yaḥyá,   n190
names and titles,   n23, n160
Ancient Beauty,   Q100
Ancient of Days,   K80
Ancient Root,   K121, n145
Best-Beloved,   K129, K141
Compassionate, Most,   K150
Counselor,   K52
Dawning-place,   K74, K113, K143, K149, K186, n23
of Beauty,   K68
of God’s Cause,   K47, n75
of Revelation,   K42, K60
of Splendor,   K15
of Utterance,   K29
Dayspring,   K3, K4, K102, K143, K186
of Divine Unity,   K175
of Divine Wisdom,   K143
of God’s Light,   K85, n116
of Grandeur,   K88
of His Most Excellent Titles,   K143, K173
of Names,   K88
of Revelation,   16, K1, K80, K86, K109, K148, 100
of the Signs of God,   K35, 97
Daystar,   K92, K120
of Utterance,   K16
Desire of the world,   K1, K157
Dove,   K88
Faithful,   K52
Fountain of God’s Laws,   K1, K50
He Whom God shall make manifest   K135, K137, K139, n7, n48, n108, n141, n146, n155, n157-n158, n185-n186
Hidden Mystery,   96
He Who causeth the dawn to appear,   K117, n143
King of Kings,   14, K82
Lawgiver,   14
Living Book,   K134, K168, n155
mighty Stock,   K174, n184
Mystic Dove,   K174
Nightingale,   K139
Ocean, Most Mighty,   K96
Pen,   K54, K55, K158
of the Eternal King,   Q105
of Glory,   91
of His behest,   K67
of His command,   K68
of justice,   K72
Most Exalted,   K17, K41, K179, Q106, n24
of the Most High,   K2, K16, K24, K86, K136, K142, K175
of Revelation,   K5, K58, K63
Supreme,   n24
Promised One,   K35, K88, n108, n153, n158, n185, n190   See also Promised One
Redeemer of mankind,   14
Revealer of verses,   K146
Source of Revelation,   K15
Sun of Truth and Utterance,   K6
Treasured Symbol,   96
Unifier,   14
Vicegerent of God,   K167, n181
observance of laws,   K1
purpose of,   K172
recognition of,   n48.   See also Recognition
effect on believer,   K38, K55
exhortations concerning,   K50, K55, K132, K134-K135-K136, K157, K183, n155, n172
to clergy,   K41, K100, K102, K165-K166
to kings,   K82, K85-K86
to people of Bayán,   K137-K138-K139-K140-K141, K179
first duty of human being,   K1
rejection of,   K35, K41, K85, K139-K140, K141, K166   See also Rejection
relationship to the Báb,   K20, K110, K175, K179, n108-n109
    See also Báb, the
receives Tablet from the Báb,   K175-K176, n185-n186
relationship to God,   K143, n160
relatives of (Aghsán),   3-4, K42, K61, 161, n66-n67, n85
represents Godhead,   K1, K86, K132, K143, K172
and “School of Transcendent Oneness,”   K175-K176-K177, n185
Shrine of (Most Holy Shrine, Most Holy Tomb),   K6, n8, n54
sovereignty,   K69, K82, K134, K167, n181
over hearts of men,   14, K83
station,   K47, K142-K143, 162, n160   See also above Bahá’u’lláh, Names and Titles
successor,   3-4, 14.   See also ‘Abdu’l-Bahá
sufferings,   14, 17, K86, K141, K158, K184, n1, n190, n192
theology, lack instruction in,   K104
unlettered,   K104
vision of,   1, 2-3, 12, K101
Words of.   See also Interpretation of Sacred Text; Text, Sacred   See below Bahá’u’lláh, Writings
power and influence,   K3, K54, K129, K136, K167, K169
sweetness,   K3, K4, K54, K179
World Order of,   1-2, 13, 14, 15, K181, 162, n189   See also Administrative Order, Bahá’í; House(s) of Justice
Writings,   8-10, n189, n193, n194   See also Kitáb-i-Aqdas; Questions and Answers; Text, Sacred
disparities between Tablets,   Q57
individual works
Hidden Words,   n23, n37
Kitáb-i-‘Ahd (Book of My Covenant),   n37, n66, n145, n183
Kitáb-i-íqan,   n180, n182
Obligatory Prayers.   See Obligatory Prayers
Prayer for the Dead.   See Prayer for the Dead
Prayers and Meditations by Bahá’u’lláh,   n23
supplementary to the Kitáb-i-Aqdas, viii, 9, 10
Questions and Answers,   See Questions and Answers
Tablets of Bahá’u’lláh revealed after the Kitáb-i-Aqdas,   9, 10, 89
Bishárát,   n58, n61, n173
Ishráqát,   89, 91-92, n75, n109
Words of Paradise,   n61
Súriy-i-Jajj,   Q10, n54, n68
Tablet to Abá Badí‘,   Q104
Tablets to Napoleon III,   n118
Will and Testament.   See above Kitáb-i-‘Ahd
integrity,   K117, n143
seals affixed,   K117, n143
Bahjí,   n8, n54.   See also Qiblih
Balance, Book of God as,   17, K99, K148, K183
Bastámí, Mullá ‘Alí,   n178
Bath(s),   K106, n131.   See also Cleanliness; Washing
Persian public,   K106, 157, n131
description,   K179, n108, n129, n158, n186, 253-254
Arabic and Persian,   254
laws,   2, 8-9, K142, n109, n158
abrogated by Bahá’u’lláh,   8-9
destruction of books,   K77, 158, n109
fine for causing sadness to another,   K148, n163
marriage with a non-believer   K139, n158
offering priceless gifts to Him Whom God will make manifest,   K114, 158, n141
prohibition of asking questions,   K126, 158, n146
restrictions on travel,   K131, 158, n153
confirmed, amplified or modified by Bahá’u’lláh,   8, 9
burial,   n11, n149, n151   See also Burial
burial ring, inscription on,   K129
calendar,   n26, n139, n147-n148   See also Calendar, Bahá’í; Holy Days
carrying of arms,   n173
dowry, amount of,   n95
fasting,   n20, n26
gold and silver vessels, use of,   n72
hair and bones do not invalidate prayer,   n12
Ḥuqúqu’lláh,   Q8.   See also Ḥuqúqú’llah
inheritance,   K20, Q100, 152, n38, n41   See also Inheritance
marriage, consent for,   K65
mithqál, weight of,   Q23, n78, 254
Nineteen Day Feast,   n82.   See also Nineteen Day Feast
Obligatory prayer,   n6, n16, n20.   See also Obligatory Prayer(s)
pilgrimage,   n55
prostration,   n15
pulpits, prohibition of,   n168
Qiblih,   K137, 144, n7.   See also Qiblih
renewing furnishings of home,   n166
wearing of silk,   n174
reason for severity,   n109, n158
must not become a barrier to acceptance of Bahá’u’lláh,   K179
People of, addressed,   K137-K138-K139-K140-K141-K142-K143, K176-K177-K178-K179-K180
Promised One of,   n153, n185.   see also Promised One
quotations from,   K135, K137, K139, n7, n48, n156, n157, n158, n179, n189
relationship to Kitáb-i-Aqdas,   2, 8-9, K142, n108, n109, n189
understanding of,   K180
Beard, K159, 158, n175
Begging,   See Mendicancy
Behaviour,   See Conduct; Deeds; Qualities
Beirut,   n192
Belief,   See Recognition.   See also Disbelief
Berlin,   K86, K90, n117, n121
Betrothal,   Q43, 148.   See also Marriage
Bible,   n2.   See also Gospels; Testament, Old
Bigamy,   K63, Q30, n89
Birds,   See Hunting
Birthdays (of Bahá’u’lláh and the Báb),   See Holy Days
Birthright of eldest son,   K25, n44
care of,   K155, n104, n144, n170.   See also Cleanliness; Illness; Physicians
desires of the flesh,   K2, K58, K64, n25
respect for,   n149. See also Burial
Bones do not invalidate prayer,   K9, 146, n12
Book(s),   K186, n184. See also Bayan; Bible; Qur’án
of the Covenant,   n37, n66, n145, n183
of creation,   n23
destruction of,   K77, 158, n109
of God,   15, K6, K47, K99, K127, K148, K165, K168, n155
Holy,   See Dispensations, religious, of the past
of Life,   K138
Living,   K134, K168, n155
Most Holy,   See Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Mother,   1, 13, K103, n129
Bosporus,   n120
Bride.   See also Marriage
and dowry,   Q39, n93.   See also Dowry
and virginity,   Q13, Q47, 150
Bridegroom, dowry payable by,   See Dowry
Brothers, as inheritors,   K20, Q53, n38-n39.   See also Inheritance
Buddha,   n160
Burial,   155
burial rings,   K128-K129, Q70, n149
coffin,   K128, n149
cremation prohibited,   n149
expenses,   K28, Q9, Q69, n47
one hour’s journey,   K130, Q16, n149, n152
prayer,   Q85, 102.   See also Prayer for the Dead
shroud,   K130, Q56, n149, n151
Burning Bush,   K103
investment in,   K27
place of, exempt from Ḥuqúq,   Q95
Byzantium,   n119