The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
4Say: From My laws the sweet-smelling savor of My garment can be smelled, and by their aid the standards of Victory will be planted upon the highest peaks. The Tongue of My power hath, from the heaven of My omnipotent glory, addressed to My creation these words: “Observe My commandments, for the love of My beauty.” Happy is the lover that hath inhaled the divine fragrance of his Best-Beloved from these words, laden with the perfume of a grace which no tongue can describe. By My life! He who hath drunk the choice wine of fairness from the hands of My bountiful favour will circle around My commandments that shine above the Dayspring of My creation.
Clothing, metaphor,   n1
God: recognition of Word and commandments,   K3, K7
Love,   K36, K132
of God as motive for obedience to laws,   163
Sweetness of words of Bahá’u’lláh,   K3, K54, K179
Wine, as symbol,   K5, K173, n2
Study Guide
How should we observe God’s commandments?
Complete this quotation.
Happy is the lover . . . ”
(See Note 1)
What is the allusion to the story of Joseph in the Qur’án and the Old Testament?
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