The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
41Amongst the people is he whose learning hath made him proud, and who hath been debarred thereby from recognizing My Name, the Self-Subsisting; who, when he heareth the tread of sandals following behind him, waxeth greater in his own esteem than Nimrod. Say: O rejected one! Where is now his abode? By God, it is the nethermost fire. Say: O concourse of divines! Hear ye not the shrill voice of My Most Exalted Pen? See ye not this Sun that shineth in refulgent splendor above the All-Glorious Horizon? For how long will ye worship the idols of your evil passions? Forsake your vain imaginings, and turn yourselves unto God, your Everlasting Lord.
recognition of,   K100, K102, K165-K166
rejection of,   K35, K85, K139-K140, K141, K166
Clergy (Divines) addressed,   K99-K100-K101-K102-K103-K104, K165-K166-K167-K168-K169-K170-K171-K172, 161
Knowledge/learning barrier to recognition of Manifestation,   K102, K166-K167-K168, K170, n60, n64, n171, n182
Nimrod,   n65
Passion(s),   K2, K64
Pride,   16, K82, K86, K122, K148, 160, n64, n65
Vain imaginings,   K17, K132, K165, 98, 159
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