The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
46Whoso wisheth to make use of vessels of silver and gold is at liberty to do so. Take heed lest, when partaking of food, ye plunge your hands into the contents of bowls and platters. Adopt ye such usages as are most in keeping with refinement. He, verily, desireth to see in you the manners of the inmates of Paradise in His mighty and most sublime Kingdom. Hold ye fast unto refinement under all conditions, that your eyes may be preserved from beholding what is repugnant both to your own selves and to the dwellers of Paradise. Should anyone depart therefrom, his deed shall at that moment be rendered vain; yet should he have good reason, God will excuse him. He, in truth, is the Gracious, the Most Bountiful.
Gold and silver utensils,   158, n72
Paradise,   K106
Plungings one’s hand in food,   157, n73
Study Guide
What vessels are we at liberty to use?
What are we to hold fast unto?
(See Note 74)
What is the Arabic word for refinement?
What range of spiritual and physical implications has this?