The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
62Should anyone intentionally destroy a house by fire, him also shall ye burn; should anyone deliberately take another’s life, him also shall ye put to death. Take ye hold of the precepts of God with all your strength and power, and abandon the ways of the ignorant. Should ye condemn the arsonist and the murderer to life imprisonment, it would be permissible according to the provisions of the Book. He, verily, hath power to ordain whatsoever He pleaseth.
Arson,   15, 157, n86, n87
Capital punishment/life imprisonment,   n86-n87
Observance of laws of God,   K1-K2, K17, K29, K45, K67, K71, K97, K134, K138, K147, K148, K171, Q10
Murder,   15, 157, n86, n87
Study Guide
“Should anyone intentionally destroy a house by fire” what can happen?
“Should anyone deliberately take another’s life” what could happen?
How are we told to take hold of the precepts of God?
What is an alternative punishment for murder and arson?
(See Note 86)
How does ‘Abdu’l-Bahá describe the difference between revenge and punishment?
What is the purpose of punishing criminals?