The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
64O people of the world! Follow not the promptings of the self, for it summoneth insistently to wickedness and lust; follow, rather, Him Who is the Possessor of all created things, Who biddeth you to show forth piety, and manifest the fear of God. He, verily, is independent of all His creatures. Take heed not to stir up mischief in the land after it hath been set in order. Whoso acteth in this way is not of Us, and We are quit of him. Such is the command which hath, through the power of truth, been made manifest from the heaven of Revelation.
Condition of human race,   6, K39, K54
Desires of the flesh,   K2, K58
Fear of God,   K73, K120, K151, K167, K184
Indulgence of passions,   K2
Mischief,   K123, 160
Obedience to government,   16, K95, 160
Order in society,   17, K2
Piety,   K148, K149, K157, n135
Power of truth,   K38, K98, K140, K142
Study Guide
What promptings are not to be followed and why?
What are we asked to follow?
What are we asked to show forth?
What are we asked to manifest?
Who is independent of all His creatures?
What are we asked not to stir up?