The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
70Should a woman be divorced in consequence of a proven act of infidelity, she shall receive no maintenance during her period of waiting. Thus hath the daystar of Our commandment shone forth resplendent from the firmament of justice. Truly, the Lord loveth union and harmony and abhorreth separation and divorce. Live ye one with another, O people, in radiance and joy. By My life! All that are on earth shall pass away, while good deeds alone shall endure; to the truth of My words God doth Himself bear witness. Compose your differences, O My servants; then heed ye the admonition of Our Pen of Glory and follow not the arrogant and wayward.
Good deeds,   K73, 160-161
Financial Assistance to family during year of patience,   n100
Infidelity,   151
Study Guide
When does a wife not receive “…maintenance during her period of waiting.”?
What does the Lord love?
What does the Lord abhor?
How are we to live?
What “...deeds alone shall endure.”?
What are we to do about our differences?
Who are we not to follow?
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Divorce,   182, 1302 - 1338