The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
73Adorn yourselves with the rainment of goodly deeds. He whose deeds attain unto God’s good pleasure is assuredly of the people of Bahá and is remembered before His throne. Assist ye the Lord of all creation with works of righteousness, and also through wisdom and utterance. Thus, indeed, have ye been commanded in most of the Tablets by Him Who is the All-Merciful. He, truly, is cognizant of what I say. Let none contend with another, and let no soul slay another; this, verily, is that which was forbidden you in a Book that hath lain concealed within the Tabernacle of glory. What! Would ye kill him whom God has quickened, whom He hath endowed with spirit through a breath from Him? Grievous then would be your trespass before His throne! Fear God, and lift not the hand of injustice and oppression to destroy what He hath Himself raised up; nay, walk ye in the way of God, the True One. No sooner did the hosts of true knowledge appear, bearing the standards of Divine utterance, than the tribes of the religions were put to flight, save only those who willed to drink from the stream of everlasting life in a Paradise created by the breath of the All-Glorious.
Conduct,   15-16, K159, 158-161
Contention,   16, K148, 157
good,   16, K70, 160-161
acceptance dependent on good-pleasure of God,   K36, K157, 163
Fear of God,   K64, K88, K120, K151, K167, K184
Followers of other religions,   n180
Manslaughter,   K188, 156, n35
Murder,   15, K19, 157, n35
Opposition,   K135
Oppression,   K88, K148
Power of the tongue,   K160
Tact,   6, 160
Study Guide
What sort of deeds do we adorn ourselves with?
What are we asked to assist “the Lord of all creation with”?
Complete this quotation:
Let . . .   let . . . ”