The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
74God hath decreed, in token of His mercy unto His creatures, that semen is not unclean. Yield thanks unto Him with joy and radiance, and follow not such as are remote from the Dawning-place of His nearness. Arise ye, under all conditions, to render service to the Cause, for God will assuredly assist you through the power of His sovereignty which overshadoweth the worlds. Cleave ye unto the cord of refinement with such tenacity as to allow no trace of dirt to be seen upon your garments. Such is the injunction of One Who is sanctified above all refinement. Whoso falleth short of this standard with good reason shall incur no blame. God, verily, is the Forgiving, the Merciful. Wash ye every soiled thing with water that hath undergone no alteration in any of the three respects; take heed not to use water that hath been altered through exposure to the air or some other agent. Be ye the very essence of cleanliness amongst mankind. This, truly, is what your Lord, the Incomparable, the All-Wise, desireth for you.
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Study Guide
Under what sort of conditions are we to arise to “render service to the Cause”?
We are to cleave unto what?
(See Note 104)
What exercises an influence upon the spirit of man?
What sort of water do we wash soiled things in?
(See Note 105)
What are “the three respects”?
We are not to use water that has been altered how?