The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
77God hath relieved you of the ordinance laid down in the Bayán concerning the destruction of books. We have permitted you to read such sciences as are profitable unto you, not such as end in idle disputation; better is this for you, if ye be of them that comprehend.
Destruction of books,   158, n109
Disputation,   n110
Esoteric knowledge,   K36, 163, n60
Purpose of science/knowledge,   K102, 159, 162, n110
Study arts and sciences,   159
Study Guide
What have we been permitted to read?
What are we not to read?
(See Note 108)
What languages was the Bayán revealed in?
The Bayán should be regarded as what?
(See Note 109)
What did Bahá’u’lláh do with the Báb’s laws in the Bayán?
The Bábí Dispensation was essentially in the nature of what sort of revolutions?
What was proof of the independent character of the Bábí Dispensation?
What did this do?
(See Note 110)
What are fruitless excursions into metaphysical hair-splitting?