The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
83By the righteousness of God! It is not Our wish to lay hands on your kingdoms. Our mission is to seize and possess the hearts of men. Upon them the eyes of Bahá are fastened. To this testifieth the Kingdom of Names, could ye but comprehend it. Whoso followeth his Lord will renounce the world and all that is therein; how much greater, then, must be the detachment of Him Who holdeth so august a station! Forsake your palaces, and haste ye to gain admittance into His Kingdom. This, indeed, will profit you in both this world and in the next. To this testifieth the Lord of the realm on high, did ye but know it.
Detachment,   K54, K84, K178
Kingdom(s),   K79, K84
Kings (Crowned heads) addressed collectively,   K78-K79-K80-K81-K82, K87
Study Guide
What is the mission of Bahá’u’lláh?
Who will “…renounce the world and all that is therein”?
What will profit the kings “…in both this world and in the next”?