The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
110All Feasts have attained their consummation in the two Most Great Festivals, and in the other two Festivals that fall on the twin days—the first of the Most Great Festivals being those days whereon the All-Merciful shed upon the whole of creation the effulgent glory of His most excellent Names and His most exalted Attributes, and the second being that day on which we raised up the One Who announced unto mankind the glad tidings of this Name, through which the dead have been resurrected and all who are in the heavens and on earth have been gathered together. Thus hath it been decreed by Him Who is the Ordainer, the Omniscient.
birth,   K92, Q2, n123, n138
relationship to the Báb,   K175
Declaration of the Báb, n138
Effect of Divine Revelation on society,   1-2, K54, K75, K181
Festivals, Bahá’í,   K112, Q1-Q2, 155, n138, n140
Riḍván, Festival of (Declaration of Bahá’u’lláh),   Q1, n107, n138
first, ninth and twelfth days,   Q1
Riḍván, (cont.)
King of Festivals,   K112, n138, n140
Twin Holy Birthdays,   Q2, n138
Birth of the Báb,   Q2
Birth of Bahá’u’lláh,   Q2
during the Fast,   Q36, n138
Universal House of Justice to decide whether to celebrate on solar or lunar basis,   n138
Study Guide
(See Note 138)
Which are the two Most Great Festivals?
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2.   . . .
What are the other two great festivals
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2.   . . .
Which two days are accounted as one in the sight of God?
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