The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
117Assist ye, O my people, My chosen servants who have risen to make mention of Me among My creatures and to exalt My Word throughout My realm. These, truly, are the stars of the heaven of My loving providence and the lamps of My guidance unto all mankind. But he whose words conflict with that which hath been sent down in My Holy Tablets is not of Me. Beware lest ye follow any impious pretender. These Tablets are embellished with the seal of Him Who causeth the dawn to appear, Who lifteth up His voice between the heavens and the earth. Lay hold on this Sure Handle and on the Cord of My mighty and unassailable Cause.
Exhortation to assist teachers,   159
Holy Text
authority and integrity of,   K53, 159, n143
departure from,   159
Pretender,   K37, K184, n190
Seals affixed,   n143
Words veil to recognition of Revelation,   K167, n180
Study Guide
Who “are the stars of the heaven My loving providence” and “the lamps of My guidance unto all mankind”?
Who “is not of Me”?
What are we to beware of?
What are the Tablets “embellished with”?