The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
120Adorn your heads with the garlands of trustworthiness and fidelity, your hearts with the attire of the fear of God, your tongues with absolute truthfulness, your bodies with the vesture of courtesy. These are in truth seemly adornings unto the temple of man, if ye be of them that reflect. Cling, O ye people of Bahá, to the cord of servitude unto God, the True One, for thereby your stations shall be made manifest, your names written and preserved, your ranks raised and your memory exalted in the Preserved Tablet. Beware lest the dwellers on earth hinder you from this glorious and exalted station. Thus have We exhorted you in most of Our epistles and now in this, Our Holy Tablet, above which hath beamed the Daystar of the Laws of the Lord, your God, the Powerful, the All-Wise.
Courtesy,   160, n74
Faithfulness,   16, 160
Fear of God,   K64
Fidelity,   16
Human station,   K119, K123, 92, Q106
Role of individual in society,   K144, K173
Temple of human body,   K96, K155
Trustworthiness,   16, Q106, 160
Truthfulness,   16, Q106, 160
Study Guide
What are the “seemly adornings unto the temple of man”?
What are we to cling to?
What happens if we do this?
What are we to beware of?