The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
123Liberty must, in the end, lead to sedition, whose flames none can quench. Thus warneth you He Who is the Reckoner, the All-Knowing. Know ye that the embodiment of liberty and its symbol is the animal. That which beseemeth man is submission unto such restraints as will protect him from his own ignorance, and guard him against the harm of the mischief-maker. Liberty causeth man to overstep the bounds of propriety, and to infringe on the dignity of his station. It debaseth him to the level of extreme depravity and wickedness.
Human station,   K119, K120, 92
Ignorance,   K122
Liberty,   16, K122-…-K124-K125, 163
Mischief,   K64, 160
Purpose of Laws, protection and elevation of human station,   K45, K97, K124-K125
Wickedness,   K64
Study Guide
What does liberty in the end lead to?
What is the symbol of “the embodiment of liberty”?
What beseemeth man?
What does liberty cause man to do?
Who are in the depths of ignorance?