The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
128The Lord hath decreed that the dead should be interred in coffins made of crystal, of hard, resistant stone, or of wood that is both fine and durable, and that graven rings should be placed upon their fingers. He, verily, is the Supreme Ordainer, the One apprised of all.
burial rings,   K129, Q70, n149
coffin,   n149
Crystal,   n149
Wood for coffins,   n149
Study Guide
(See Note 149)
What is the significance of the provision for the deceased to be interred in a coffin made of crystal or of polished stone?
The specific Prayer for the Dead is said when?
Who are the formal prayer and burial ring meant for?
The Universal House of Justice has explained what additional materials can be used for the casket. What are they?
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