The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
135Call then to mind these words which have streamed forth, in tribute to this Revelation, from the Pen of Him Who was My Herald, and consider what the hands of the oppressors have wrought throughout My days. Truly they are numbered with the lost. He said: “Should ye attain the presence of Him Whom We shall make manifest, beseech ye God, in His bounty, to grant that He might deign to seat Himself upon your couches, for that act in itself would confer upon you matchless and surpassing honour. Should He drink a cup of water in your homes, this would be of greater consequence for you than your proffering unto every soul, nay unto every created thing, the water of its very life. Know this, O ye My servants!”
exhortations concerning recognition,   K50, K55, K132, K134-…-K136, K157, K183, n155, n172
refers to the Báb,   K136, K140, K141, K143
tribute to Him,   K136, n156
Opposition,   K73
Quotations from the Bayán,   K137, n156, n157, n189
Water as symbol,   K50, K54, K80
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