The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
136Such are the words with which My Forerunner hath extolled My Being, could ye but understand. Whoso reflecteth upon these verses, and realizeth what hidden pearls have been enshrined within them, will, by the righteousness of God, perceive the fragrance of the All-Merciful wafting from the direction of this Prison and will, with his whole heart, hasten unto Him with such ardent longing that the hosts of earth and heaven would be powerless to deter him. Say: This is a Revelation around which every proof and testimony doth circle. Thus hath it been sent down by your Lord, the God of Mercy, if ye be of them that judge aright. Say: This is the very soul of all Scriptures which hath been breathed into the Pen of the Most High, causing all created beings to be dumbfounded, save only those who have been enraptured by the gentle breezes of My loving-kindness and the sweet savours of My bounties which have pervaded the whole of creation.
exhortations concerning recognition,   K50, K55, K132, K134-K135, K157, K183, n155, n172
proof(s) of His Revelation,   K167, K183
refers to the Báb,   K135, K140, K141, K143
testimony,   17, K140, K167
tribute to Him,   K135, n156
Bahá’u’lláh (cont.)
words of power and influence,   K3, K54, K167, K169
Cause of God,   K132
Relationship of Bahá’í Faith to Faith of the Báb,   8-9, K140, K179-K180
Scriptures of other religions,   14, K138, K168, n2, n160, n180
Study Guide
What will happen if these verses are reflected upon, and the hidden pearls enshrined within them are perceived?
Complete this quotation:
Say: this is a . . . ”
Say: this is the . . . ”