The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
140O people of the Bayán, I adjure you by your Lord, the God of mercy, to look with the eye of fairness upon this utterance which hath been sent down through the power of truth, and not to be of those who see the testimony of God yet reject and deny it. They, in truth, are of those who will assuredly perish. The Point of the Bayán hath explicitly made mention in this verse of the exaltation of My Cause before His own Cause; unto this will testify every just and understanding mind. As ye can readily witness in this day, its exaltation is such as none can deny save those whose eyes are drunken in this mortal life and whom a humiliating chastisement awaiteth in the life to come.
Denial,   K179, n180
Exaltation of Cause of Bahá’u’lláh,   K135, K136, K141, K142, K143
Point of the Bayán,   n150, n159
Relation to laws of the Báb,   8-9, K139-…-K141-K142, K179, n108
Testimony,   17, K136, K165, K167
Understanding and recognition,   17, Q106
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