The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
141Say: By the righteousness of God! I, verily, am His* Best-Beloved; and at this moment He listeneth to these verses descending from the Heaven of Revelation and bewaileth the wrongs ye have committed in these days. Fear God, and join not with the aggressor. Say: O people, should ye choose to disbelieve in Him, refrain at least from rising up against Him. By God! Sufficient are the hosts of tyranny that are leagued against Him!
* The Báb’s
† Bahá’u’lláh
rejection of,   K35, K41, K139-K140, K166
refers to the Báb,   K135, K136, K140, K142, K143
sufferings,   14, 17, K158, K184, n190, n192
People of Bayán addressed,   K137-K138-K139-K140-…-K142-K143, K177-K178-K179
Relation to laws of the Báb,   8-9, K139-K140-…-K142, K179, n108
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