The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
146It hath been enjoined upon you to purify your means of sustenance and other such things through payment of Zakát. Thus hath it been prescribed in this exalted Tablet by Him Who is the Revealer of verses. We shall, if it be God’s will and purpose, set forth erelong the measure of its assessment. He, verily, expoundeth whatsoever He desireth by virtue of His own knowledge, and He, of a truth, is Omniscient and All-Wise.
Purification of possessions and means of sustenance,   K97
Zakát (Tithes),   Q107, 156, n161
Relation to laws of the Báb K65, K140-K141-K142, K179, n108
Study Guide
(See Note 161)
What is Zakát?
Who will set forth Zakát in the future?
What should we do in the mean time?