The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
147It is unlawful to beg, and it is forbidden to give to him who beggeth. All have been enjoined to earn a living, and as for those who are incapable of doing so, it is incumbent on the Deputies of God and on the wealthy to make adequate provision for them. Keep ye the statutes and commandments of God; nay, guard them as ye would your very eyes, and be not of those who suffer grievous loss.
Earning one’s living,   K33, n56, n162
House of Justice
members of referred to as Deputies,   15, n56, n162
financial assistance to the poor,   n56, n162
Mendicancy,   15, K33, n56, n162
Observance of laws of God,   K1-K2, K17, K29, K45, K62, K71, K97, K134, K138, K148, K171, Q10
Wealth and charity,   n162
Study Guide
What has everyone been enjoined to do?
How are we to guard the statutes and commandments of God?
(See Note 162)
What has been forbidden?
Who will provide a monthly allowance to persons incapable of earning a living, striken by dire poverty or have become helpless?
Who are the deputies?
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