The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
155Gambling and the use of opium have been forbidden unto you. Eschew them both, O people, and be not of those who transgress. Beware of using any substance that induceth sluggishness and torpor in the human temple and inflicteth harm upon the body. We, verily, desire for you naught save what shall profit you, and to this bear witness all created things, had ye but ears to hear.
Care of body,   n104, n144, n170
Gambling and games of chance,   15, 157, n169
Habit-forming drugs,   n170
Harm,   K123, n170
Opium,   15, K190, n170
Protection and elevation of human station,   K45, K97, K123-K124-K125, Q105, n170
Temple of human body,   K96, K120, n160
Transgression(s),   K162
Study Guide
What has been forbidden?
What do we eschew?
We are to beware of what?
What is desired for us?
(See Note 169)
How is it not appropriate to raise funds for the Faith?
(See Note 170)
What is a requirement for a “chaste and holy life”?
What are the reasons for not smoking opium?
What does opium do?
Who is fortunate?
How should the use of opium be prevented?
What is the most powerful of plagues?
Who is deprived of the bounty and grace of God?
What does hashish do?
What does alcohol do?
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Gambling,   pp. 358-59 (1201-1204)