The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
156Whensoever ye be invited to a banquet or festive occasion, respond with joy and gladness, and whoever fulfilleth his promise will be safe from reproof. This is a Day on which each of God’s wise decrees hath been expounded.
Day of God,   K88, K138
Invitations,   161
Fulfillment of God’s promise,   K80, n160
Proclamation of Cause of God,   K75, K103, K132, K134, K143, K163, K168
Recognition of Manifestation of God,   K55, K78, K80, K85, K100, K157, K182-K183, n1, n48
Study Guide
What response is given to an invitation to a banquet or festive occasion?
Who is safe from reproof?