The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
161Blessed is the man that hath acknowledged his belief in God and in His signs, and recognized that “He shall not be asked of His doings.” Such a recognition hath been made by God the ornament of every belief and its very foundation. Upon it must depend the acceptance of every goodly deed. Fasten your eyes upon it, that haply the whisperings of the rebellious may not cause you to slip.
Authority of God,   K162, K163, 95-96, 99-100, 100-101, 101, Q83
Soul, hindrances,   K162-K163
Verity “He shall not be asked of His doings”,   K162-K163, 162
Study Guide
Complete this quotation:
Blessed is the man . . . ”
What are we to fasten our eyes upon?