The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
176O people of the Bayán! We, verily, set foot within the School of God when ye lay slumbering; and We perused the Tablet while ye were fast asleep. By the one true God! We read the Tablet ere it was revealed, while ye were unaware, and We had perfect knowledge of the Book when ye were yet unborn. These words are to your measure, not to God’s. To this testifieth that which is enshrined within His knowledge, if ye be of them that comprehend; and to this the tongue of the Almighty doth bear witness, if ye be of those who understand. I swear by God, were We to lift the veil, ye would be dumbfounded.
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Tablet to Bahá’u’lláh,   K175, n185, n186
knowledge of, beyond human knowledge,   K39, K97, K175-…-K177
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Unity of Manifestations of God,   K80, K103, K175-…-K177, n111, n160
Veils of concealment,   K47, K175
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