The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
179Beware lest aught that hath been revealed in the Bayán should keep you from your Lord, the Most Compassionate. God is My witness that the Bayán was sent down for no other purpose than to celebrate My praise, did ye but know! In it the pure in heart will find only the fragrance of My love, only My Name that overshadoweth all that seeth and is seen. Say: Turn ye, O people, unto that which hath proceeded from My Most Exalted Pen. Should ye inhale therefrom the fragrance of God, set not yourselves against Him, nor deny yourselves a portion of His gracious favour and His manifold bestowals. Thus doth your Lord admonish you; He, verily, is the Counsellor, the Omniscient.
laws, relation to laws of the Báb,   8-9, K140-K141-K142, n108-n109
recognition of, to people of Bayán,   K138, K140-K141
relationship to the Báb,   K110, K175, n108-n109
Bayán, description,   n108, n129, n158, n186, 253-254
Cause of God
denial of,   K140, K169, n171, n180
relationship to Faith of the Báb,   8-9, K136, K140, K180
People of Bayán addressed,   K138, K140-K141-K142-K143, K176-K177-K178-…-K180
Purity of heart,   K116, K175
Words of sweetness,   K3, K4
Study Guide
What was the purpose of the Bayán?
What will the pure in heart find in the Bayán?
Say: Turn . . . .Should . . . ”