The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Questions and Answers
105And in another Tablet, these exalted words have been revealed: O Muḥammad! The Ancient of Days hath turned His countenance towards thee, making mention of thee, and exhorting the people of God to educate their children. Should a father neglect this most weighty commandment laid down in the Kitáb-i-Aqdas by the Pen of the Eternal King, he shall forfeit rights of fatherhood, and be accounted guilty before God. Well is it with him who imprinteth on his heart the admonitions of the Lord, and steadfastly cleaveth unto them. God, in truth, enjoineth on His servants what shall assist and profit them, and enable them to draw nigh unto Him. He is the Ordainer, the Everlasting.
Education of children,   15, K48, K150, 156, n76
daughters take precedence,   n76
instruction of son and daughter enjoined on father,   K48, n76
spiritual,   K150, n40
Negligence warned against,   K17, K30, K45, K106, K134, K138, K171, 159
Protection and elevation of human station,   K45, K97, K123-K124-K125, K155