The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Synopsis and Codification
y.To be the essence of cleanliness:
i.To wash one’s feet
ii.To perfume one’s self
iii.To bathe in clean water
iv.To cut one’s nails
v.To wash soiled things in clean water
vi.To be stainless in one’s dress
vii.To renew the furnishings of one’s house
V.Specific Admonitions, Reproofs and Warnings
Addressed to:
1.The entire human race
2.Crowned heads of the world
3.The concourse of ecclesiastics
4.The Rulers of America and Presidents of the Republics therein
5.William I, King of Prussia
6.Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria
7.The people of the Bayán
8.Members of parliaments throughout the world
VI.Miscellaneous Subjects
1.The transcendent character of the Bahá’í Revelation
2.The exalted station of the Author of the Faith
3.The supreme importance of the Kitáb-i-Aqdas, “The Most Holy Book”
4.The doctrine of the “Most Great Infallibility