The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys
The Seven Valleys
from the heavenly messenger,13 he shall straightway step into
The Valley of Love
and be dissolved in the fire of love. In this city the heaven of ecstasy is upraised and the world-illuming sun of yearning shineth, and the fire of love is ablaze; and when the fire of love is ablaze, it burneth to ashes the harvest of reason.
Now is the traveler unaware of himself, and of aught besides himself. He seeth neither ignorance nor knowledge, neither doubt nor certitude; he knoweth not the morn of guidance from the night of error. He fleeth both from unbelief and faith, and deadly poison is a balm to him. Wherefore Aṭṭár14 saith:
For the infidel, error—for the faithful, faith;
For Aṭṭár’s heart, an atom of Thy pain.
The steed of this Valley is pain; and if there be no pain this journey will never end. In this station the lover hath no thought save the Beloved, and seeketh no refuge save the Friend.
13 Refer to the story of Joesph in the Qur’án and the Old Testament.
14 Farídu’d-Dín ‘Aṭṭár (ca. 1150–1230 A.D.), the great Persian Ṣúfí poet.