The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Synopsis and Codification
2.Abrogation of specific laws and ordinances of previous Dispensations, which prescribed:
a.Destruction of books
b.Prohibition of the wearing of silk
c.Prohibition of the use of gold and silver utensils
d.Limitation of travel
e.Offering priceless gifts to the Founder of the Faith
f.Prohibition on questioning the Founder of the Faith
g.Prohibition against remarrying one’s divorced wife
h.Penalizing whoever causes sadness to his neighbour
i.Prohibition of music
j.Limitations upon one’s apparel and beard
k.Uncleanliness of divers objects and peoples
l.Uncleanliness of semen
m.Uncleanliness of certain objects for purposes of prostration
3.Miscellaneous Exhortations:
a.To associate with the followers of all religions with fellowship
b.To honour one’s parents
c.Not to wish for others what one does not wish for one’s self
d.To teach and propagate the Faith after the ascension of its Founder