Names of God
King All-Knowing Wise
Glorious Peerless Most Great Beauty
Exalted Powerful One true God
Incomparable Omnipotent Self-Sufficing
Wise One God Lord of thy fathers
Compassionate Lord of all worlds Exalted One
Glorious One Abiding One All-Perceiving
Incomparable One Knower of all things Inaccessible
Holy of Holies Great hearts’ Desire
All-Merciful Revealer Knower
Generous One Day Star Source of all grace
Tree of Life Eternal Truth Unifier
Protector Promised One Sun of Truth
God of Mercy Will Day Spring
Merciful Lord of Names Beauty
Faithful One Most Holy All-Praised
All-Wise Help in Peril Self-Subsisting
Omniscient Most High Ancient of Days
Desire of the world Ruler of the Kingdom of Names Fashioner of the heavens
Source of everlasting life Possessor of all created things All-Glorious
Lord of Lords Lord of Mankind Mighty
All-Powerful Providence All-Bountiful
Lord of all beings Divine Essence Object of all knowledge
Day Spring of the Spirit Creator of all names Unseen
Eternal One Ocean of everlasting bounty
Tabernacle of ancient glory Blissful Creator of the heavens
Beloved of all worlds Divine Countenance Lord of all names
All-Informed Perspicuous Sovereign Protector
Ever-Abiding Resplendent Gracious
Most Bountiful Unknowable Invisible of Invisibles
Beloved of all things Paradise Bahá
All-Possessing King of everlasting days Highest and Last End
Supreme Protector Eternal Essence Well-Beloved
Majesty Glory Ruler
Beloved Almighty Knower of the unseen and the seen
Desire of every understanding heart Divine Being Most Exalted
Most Powerful All-Compelling Munificent
Forgiving All-Subduing Concealer of sins
Quintessence of Glory Source of eternal light All-Highest
All-Pervading All-Seeing Best-Beloved
Sovereign Lord Unconditioned Sustainer
Lord of all things Desire of all nations True Physician
Mercy Ever-Forgiving Subtile
Beneficient Source of infinite grace Knowledge
Ancient Being Innermost Spirit of Spirits Eternal Essence of Essences
Incorruptible Ancient King King of incomparable glory
Ruler of the universe Ordainer Ideal King
King of Kings Creator Divine Ordainer
Tongue of Grandeur Divine Spirit Truth
Equitable Daystar of Eternal Guidance Undying Fire
Hand of Divine power Counsellor Ancient Beauty
Unconstrained Breath Lord of earth and heaven
King of Names Most Bountiful of the bountiful Praised
Day Spring of Glory Expounder Most Manifest
Great Giver Knower of things unseen Unseen Treasure
Most Great Loving Sovereign Ordainer
Lord of Wealth Self-Sufficient Fashioner
Glorified All-Highest Throne Eye of Grandeur
Guardian Lord of Men All-Searching
Hand of Mercy Manifest Lord of creation
Divine Educator Maker of the heavens All-Abiding
Living God Day Star of unfading glory Ancient of everlasting days
Invisible Essence Unknowable Essence Pure and Hidden One
Beginning and End Supreme Redeemer All-Sufficing
Sovereign Lord of all Lord of all Faiths Source of all knowledge
Root of Knowledge Eternal King Divine Presence
Lord the Most High Ancient and Sovereign Lord of all Uncreated
Educator Sovereign Revealer Throne of Glory
Omnipotent Protector Invisible One Supreme Ordainer
All-Knowing Physician Divine and infallible Physician Grandeur
Redeemer Luminary Great Being
Most Generous Raiser from the dead Quickener
Slayer Him Who causeth the dawn to break Sovereign Truth
Educator of all beings Faithful Day Star of Glory
Monarch of all names Ever-Abiding God King of Names and Attributes
Concealer Maker Benevolent
Finger of Holiness Unrestrained Lord of the Frequented Fane
Source of power and wisdom Ruler of all nations Beloved of our hearts
Most Great Spirit Unfailing Protector Mover
Lode Star Voice Everlasting King
Author Everlasting Candle Deathless Beauty
All-Glorious Being Source of Divine inspiration Lord of Revelation
Faithful Spirit Reckoner manifest and sovereign Ruler
Lord of the glorious throne All-Hearing Ultimate Desire
Summit Lord of the Kingdom of Utterance Bird of Desire
Eternal Being Nightingale of Holiness Unseen Beauty
Everlasting Beauty Infinite Spirit Adored
Lord of the Easts and the Wests King of Glory Divine Charmer
Most mighty King Most Exalted Being Omnipotent Avenger
King of divine might Supreme Being Primal Will
Quintessence of all truth Unchangeable Being Central Orb of the universe
Invisible Mover of all beings Glorified Countenance
Dominant Rich Source of all splendour
Unchangeable Countenance Visible and Invisible Origin of all things
First and Last Seen and Hidden Essence of all learning
Object of all learning Immortal King Supreme Singleness
Inmost Essence Unchangeable Essence Spirit
Object of all adoration True One Possessor of infinite names
Divine King Essence of loving kindness Essence of bounty
Source of divine grace Sea of Seas Mystic Source
Immortal Beauty Possessor of Names Creator of the earth and heaven
All-Glorious Lord Desired One Father
Loved One Lord of the Day of Reckoning Tabernacle of Majesty and Glory
Best-Informed Eternal Lord Life-Giver
Ruler of earth and heaven Protector of the doers of good Lord of the Mighty Throne
Lord of the Exalted Throne Ocean of mercy Heaven of generosity
Most Merciful Potent Provider of all means
Ever-Abiding Lord King of existance Most Great Light
Lord of Eternity One Who heareth Fashioner of all created things
Ruler of the Day of Reckoning Sovereign Lord of eternity Lord of bounty
The Great Announcement He He Who is He
Companion Supreme Ruler All-Pardoner
Cloud of Bounty Succorer
Supreme King
Name count = 339