A photographic journey
Over a two week period end of May/beginning of June in 2009 the privilege of being in Israel to undertake Pilgrimage was granted me. Needless to say, many photographs were taken. Those displayed in these pages are but a brief selection.
These pages are not intended as a travelogue. Rather is intended that any person can come here and, in their own heart, perform their own Pilgrimage - for a Pilgrimage is a thing of the heart and the spirit, not a thing of place and time. Thus, it is hoped that it may help others in their journey to their own inner sanctity and soul, with no differentiation between Baha'i or not Baha'i.
To navigate the images individually, select from the thumbnails below. Otherwise, use the small arrows that will be found at the top of every page – to move back one image, to move forward one image, or to return to this page.
For those interested, many more images of the Baha'i Holy places, of people and events are available by visiting the Baha'i Media Bank.