The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Let him that seeketh, attain it; and as to him that hath refused to seek it—verily, God is Self-Sufficient, above any need of His creatures.
183Say: This is the infallible Balance which the Hand of God is holding, in which all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth are weighed, and their fate determined, if ye be of them that believe and recognize this truth. Say: This is the Most Great Testimony, by which the validity of every proof throughout the ages hath been established, would that ye might be assured thereof. Say: Through it the poor have been enriched, the learned enlightened, and the seekers enabled to ascend unto the presence of God. Beware lest ye make it a cause of dissension amongst you. Be ye as firmly settled as the immovable mountain in the Cause of your Lord, the Mighty, the Loving.
184Say: O source of perversion! Abandon thy wilful blindness, and speak forth the truth amidst the people. I swear by God that I have wept for thee to see thee following thy selfish passions and renouncing Him Who fashioned thee and brought thee into being. Call to mind the tender mercy of thy Lord, and remember how We nurtured thee by day and by night for service to the Cause. Fear God, and be thou of the truly repentant. Granted that the people were confused about thy station, is it conceivable that thou thyself art similarly confused? Tremble before thy Lord and recall the days when thou didst stand before Our throne, and didst write down the verses that We dictated unto thee—verses sent down by God, the Omnipotent Protector, the Lord of might and power. Beware lest
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Paragraph 183.
Paragraph 184.
Study Guide
Paragraph 183.
What Balance is the “Hand of God … holding”?
Complete this quotation:
Say: This is the Most Great . . . ”
How have the poor “been enriched, the learned enlightened, and the seekers enabled to ascend unto the presence of God”?
We are to “beware” of what?
How “firmly settled” are we to be in the Cause of our Lord?
Paragraph 184.
What was the “source of perversion” told to abandon?
What was he asked to call to mind?
What was he asked to remember?
Who was he asked to “return unto”?
(See Note 190)
Who is “O source of perversion” a reference to?
What was he nominated to do by the Báb?
What did he do instead?
How did he respond to Bahá’u’lláh’s declaration?
How does Shoghi Effendi describe him?
(See Note 191)
How was he treated by Bahá’u’lláh in his youth and manhood?
(See Note 192)
Who is “God hath laid hold on him who led thee astray” a reference to?
How did Shoghi Effendi describe him?
What did Bahá’u’lláh say can harm Him?
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Paragraph 184.