The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
This is the command of God, in days gone by and for those to come. Blessed the man that observeth that whereunto he was bidden, and woe betide the negligent.
172We, of a certainty, have had no purpose in this earthly realm save to make God manifest and to reveal His sovereignty; sufficient unto Me is God for a witness. We, of a certainty, have had no intent in the celestial Kingdom but to exalt His Cause and glorify His praise; sufficient unto Me is God for a protector. We, of a certainty, have had no desire in the Dominion on high except to extol God and what hath been sent down by Him; sufficient unto Me is God for a helper.
173Happy are ye, O ye the learned ones in Bahá’. By the Lord! Ye are the billows of the Most Mighty Ocean, the stars of the firmament of Glory, the standards of triumph waving betwixt earth and heaven. Ye are the manifestations of steadfastness amidst men and the daysprings of Divine Utterance to all that dwell on earth. Well is it with him that turneth unto you, and woe betide the froward. This day, it behoveth whoso hath quaffed the Mystic Wine of everlasting life from the Hands of the loving-kindness of the Lord his God, the Merciful, to pulsate even as the throbbing artery in the body of mankind, that through him may be quickened the world and every crumbling bone.
174O people of the world! When the Mystic Dove will have winged its flight from its Sanctuary of Praise and sought its far-off goal, its hidden habitation, refer ye whatsoever ye understand not in the Book to Him Who hath branched from this mighty Stock.
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Study Guide
Paragraph 172.
What is the “purpose” of this Revelation?
What is the “intent” of this Revelation?
Paragraph 173.
Complete this quotation:
Ye are . . . . Ye are . . . . Well is it . . . ”
(See Note 183)
Who are the “learned”?
Who are the “rulers”?
Did ‘Abdu’l-Bahá appoint Hands of the Cause?
How many Hands of the Cause did Shoghi appoint?
In what year did the Universal House of Justice create the Board of Counsellors?
In what year was the International Teaching Centre created?
Who appoints the members of the Auxiliary Boards?
Paragraph 174.
(See Note 184)
If something is not understood who do we refer to?
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